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Reduction of CO2 emissions

We select new equipment, such as power generators, based on low fuel consumption.

Limit environmental tax

Our Aspen fuel has a cleaner combustion and contains practically no substances that are harmful to people.


If desired, we can look after the complete coordination of your logistical processes. In doing so, we can minimise the number of transport runs on your construction site, combine trips and use more efficient machines.

Safety / Health

Both safety and health are given the highest priority at Boels. Examples are low-vibration rental items, lightweight
products that help reduce the physical strain and mist cannons to ensure a dust-free work environment.

Low noise level

Preventing noise nuisance is an absolute must, especially in urban and residential areas. With the machines and tools of Boels Rental, you can experience the convenience of an extremely low noise level.

Low energy consumption

Use less electricity with the energy-efficient products of Boels. Not only will you be reducing the environmental footprint, you'll also save money (reduced energy costs).

Water conservation

Our toilets using innovative vacuum-flush technology save up to 90% on water usage compared to conventional toilets.


Our smartest equipment carries the Boels Evolution label. Products with this label comply with the highest standards in terms of safety, user convenience, energy consumption and noise production. This way the customer is assured of renting the latest and most energy-efficient equipment.

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

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