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27 March 2020

Boels has further expanded its range in gardening and landscaping equipment to also provide professional customers such as gardeners, landscapers and tree surgeons with the very best equipment. The new equipment meets every wish and requirement of professional customers who work in parks and gardens. With Boels’ latest gardening machines, you can go deeper, move faster and work easier on the toughest and roughest soils and surfaces.




The trencher is also standard in the Boels range. Where the existing machines have cutting depths down to 61 cm, the latest professional trencher from Boels can dig trenches down to a maximum of 91 cm. Thanks to the caterpillar tracks, the machine is extremely easy to handle on difficult terrain. Rent now

Tree-stump grinders

In addition to the new rotary trencher, the range now also includes industrial tree-stump grinders with caterpillar tracks. The professional machine has a larger grinding wheel (49 cm diameter) to work even faster when needed. Thanks to the tracks, this heavier machine can also manoeuvre easily in wooded areas. Rent now



Mini excavator

Our easy-to-use mini excavator makes construction of terraces, ponds and swimming pools a lot easier. It is ideal for work in hard-to-reach areas, because of its narrow width. Iit fits through most gates and doors. Need to do work indoors? The mini excavator comes as an  electric version as well, which is low-noise and CO2-neutral. Rent now


The trend in garden maintenance: Battery tools

With its new range of battery-powered garden tools, Boels accommodates the wishes of our customers: quiet but powerful tools for a wide range of gardening tasks. Our battery-powered machines produce up to 13 dB(A) less noise than a petrol engine. So you can at any given time without causing a nuisance. Even in noise-sensitive locations such as residential areas or near hospitals.

When it comes to power, they are also in no way inferior to petrol-driven machines. The operating time of 1 battery is the same as that of 1 tank of petrol. Of course, you will no longer be bothered by harmful emissions and the machines are extremely lightweight and user-friendly.

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