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24 hours a day, seven days a week

At the base of the world’s biggest wind turbine

More and more leaders in industry are opting for the very strong service and comprehensive product range of Boels. Sif Group, one of the world's largest manufacturers of steel pipes with a length of up to 120 metres, has also made this choice. The pipes are used for the foundations of wind turbines and for oil and gas platforms at sea.

The world's biggest wind turbine with a height of 242 metres is currently being built at the Sif terminal in Rotterdam. Boels is not only lead supplier of the equipment for this project, it is also an adviser. A role that suits the rental company well. Sif Group has is roots in Roermond and a site on the Maasvlakte 2 in Rotterdam. Sif Netherlands and Boels have been working closely together since 2018. This collaboration came about after Sif announced through a tender procedure which machines, tools and heavy equipment it needed in Rotterdam. Boels gave Sif the guarantee that the required equipment was available and could be delivered quickly.


Vincent Schepen, area account manager at Boels: “It's wonderful to see the Port of Rotterdam area gradually turning orange. The beauty of it all is that the word spreads like wildfire. One company shares its positive experiences with the next company. As a result, the client portfolio of Boels on the Maasvlakte is expanding at a rapid pace.”

Sif and Boels have the same core values: quality, flexibility and flawless, on-time delivery. It's what makes both companies great and very reliable. 

24 hours a day

Arjen Pattenier, Manager of Logistic Services for Sif Netherlands: “Our work in the port area continues 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Boels responds extremely well to this. It's always busy at our plant and a lot of things have to be done is a very short amount of time. Waiting till tomorrow simply isn't an option. At those moments, we can always rely on the service and speed of Boels. Our account manager, Vincent Schepen, is always very involved with what's going on. He knows exactly how we work and what we need. We can call Boels for anything: they make sure everything is delivered promptly and correctly. It's a real pleasure working with Boels.”

What does Boels deliver to Sif?

Virtually the complete range. Units, a variety of aerial work platforms and telescopic handlers, Prof Guard surveillance cameras, small tools, industrial generators, you name it. Thanks to the geographical spread of the depots and branches, the equipment that Boels has is always available and delivered quickly to its destination.

Vincent Schepen: “I have the best job in the world. Our partners in the Port of Rotterdam are just as enthusiastic about their work as we are. It gives us energy and makes for a tremendous cooperation with the best results.”

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