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Temporary Brexit parking locations

Boels at Brexit car parks around ferry terminals

On behalf of Van Mourik, Boels Rental has set up four temporary Brexit parking locations near the ferry terminals in the Rotterdam port area.

One point of contact
Raymond Lenting, Commercial Team Leader Site Preparation at Boels Rental: "Van Mourik approached us to set up four parking locations. They were looking for a company that could relieve them of all their worries. From advice to delivery to installation". Van Mourik found the right partner in Boels. "Van Mourik was given a single point of contact through our Site Preparation specialism. That's me. Behind the scenes, however, various divisions worked together on this assignment. These were Boels Site Accommodation, Boels Site Security and the Rotterdam-North depot. After several weeks of preparation, the materials were delivered and installed on 14 and 15 December 2020. "Everything was organised like clockwork. As soon as the portable site buildings (units) were installed, mechanics came to connect the electricity and water. That's how we completed all 4 locations. We achieved maximum efficiency through exact planning," says Raymond.

Units, power and surveillance cameras
At two locations in Vlaardingen, one in Hook of Holland and one in Maasdijk, Boels installed portable site buildings (units), generators, portable toilet units (Bioboxes) and Boels Site Security surveillance cameras. "The portable buildings and toilets are used by stewards, security guards and cleaners as both a workspace and to store supplies. The parking locations are monitored 24/7. The security cameras from Boels Site Security support this operation. We also take care of the power supply and facilitate water tanks from Tankgigant for cleaning and sanitary facilities. There are 'smart' water tanks with a sensor that automatically orders a new delivery, so Van Mourik doesn't have to worry about that either," Raymond continues.

To keep freight traffic on the right track, Boels Traffic Service set up temporary traffic information boards along the main collision routes.

Parking spaces to reduce congestion
Brexit has applied since 1 January. Customs formalities now apply to imports from and exports to the United Kingdom. Drivers who do not have their cargo documents in order will be directed to the temporary parking areas, where lorries may be parked for 24 hours to complete their customs paperwork. In this way, the central government hopes to reduce delays at the terminal. It is not known how long the parking spaces will be needed. 

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