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Boels Fencing is the leading specialist is the supply of various types of fencing that can be used to set up perimeters around construction sites and/or guide large crowds of people. Our fences are ideally suited for events as well as constructions sites.At Boels Fencing we specialise in the efficient and professional transportation of the fences, and we can install and remove the fencing for you.


You can find fences and accessories for almost any event at Boels Fencing. Unique are our specially developed transport crates for events. These crates have everything you need for specific lengths of fencing. One transport crate contains 29 fences including the required accessories, such as the bases and materials to securely anchor the fences.

Also unique to the fencing range are our coloured event fence covers, which are available in 10 different colours.

To ensure the safety of visitors during your event, we can provide you with various types of barriers. We can offer an extensive range of crowd and stage barriers, including the accessories.
New to our range are the vehicle barriers, which make sure no unwanted vehicles can gain access to your event site.


Of course you want your construction site to be properly secured, for the safety of the area and to protect your valuable equipment and machines. Boels Fencing offers a wide range of perimeter fencing systems for construction sites. You can also come to us for semi-permanent fencing, which is firmly and securely anchored into the ground.

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