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Site Preparation  

Successful construction starts with well-thought-out site preparation

The purchase of tools and equipment is often expensive. Rental is therefore often the best alternative. Particularly when quality and availability are top priorities.

Those who do business with Boels Site Preparation discover the advantages of a complete package. One point of contact for advice, support, service and rental of the equipment you need to get started, just in time and just in place.

Site Preparation

Once the building site is ready, construction can begin. Based on detailed site plan drawings (which we can make), we can equip your building site with all the desired facilities, from site fencing to electricity services and ground protection mats, and from temporary water supply pipes to portable Bio Box toilets. The moment you are ready to start the project, all the facilities are waiting and ready!

Equipment rental

With more than 35 years of rental experience and a selection of more than 2500 different rental machines and tools, Boels has everything you are looking for. Whatever machine or tool you need: Boels has it. We can provide advice, service, inspection and maintenance and, if desired, even personnel to operate the equipment. Put simply: Boels Site Preparation is the most complete supplier for construction, utilities and industry!

Temporary buildings

No project gets off to a good start without well-equipped rooms for people and equipment. Our specialised staff is happy to advise you on the best solution. They guarantee that the accommodation or storage space is delivered, connected and even disassembled and picked up at the right time.

BoeIs Site Preparation arranges a complete package of equipment

Machines: Machines for drilling and demolition work, machines for cutting and cleaning wood and metal, hand tools and compacting equipment, just to name a few.
Scaffolding and bricklaying equipment: climbing equipment, traditional scaffolding, system scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, bricklaying tools and safety equipment.
Non-mechanical tools: For example, measuring instruments (laser, theodolite), transport equipment (chains, hoppers) and climate control equipment (heating and cooling).
Horizontal and vertical transport: mast climbers, scissor/boom lifts, construction lifts, passenger/goods lifts and building cranes in all types and sizes.
Formwork/shoring: For example, adjustable shoring posts, push and pull props, form boards, support towers and related materials.
Temporary accommodation: For example, everything for accommodating people and storing equipment, such as units, containers, huts, storage sheds and Bio Box chemical toilets.

For information or

Direct advice tailored to your needs:

The benefits

  • One point of contact for complete coordination
  • Daily inspection and maintenance
  • You always have the right equipment, of the right quality
  • Extensive support
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