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Traffic Service  

Traffic Service specialises in the rental of outdoor mobile information services at roadworks, with the VMS trailer as the absolute eye-catcher.

In addition, the services include signage along motorways and crowd management during large events and festivals, as well as various types of LED screens for announcements. Boels Traffic Service, with one branch in Hoevalaken, came into being after the acquisition of Van Deuveren Traffic by Boels Rental in June 2018.

The origins of Boels Traffic Service lie in providing roadside information for drivers. It started with signs along motorways and later signposting to parking facilities. Over the years, the demand for VMS trailers has steadily increased. Many businesses nowadays also use the trailers to promote their business. Even the police deploy VMS trailers in case of emergencies, also as part of burglary prevention campaigns.

Crowd Management

Traffic Service is increasingly asked to assist with crowd management during events and festivals. This is usually done with the help of a SCIB (Solar Crowd Information Board); an LED information panel that is controlled remotely and therefore quickly be adapted to help ensure the safety of the visitors. Other products from the range of information provision offered by Boels Traffic Service include crash cushions, the roadside DRIP, advance warning trailers and mobilights.

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The benefits

  • Systems rotate autonomously
  • Easy to deploy
  • Usually equipped with solar panels
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Dynamic system
  • Can often be controlled remotely or with a web application
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