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  • Loading, unloading, anchoring and much more
  • At your work site or in one of our training centres

Description and purpose of the training course

Many damage and accident cases are caused by improperly secured loads. The best method for securing loads depends on a range of factors, such as the load weight, the size and the centre of gravity. But also the means of transport on which the load is secured is of influence.

After this training course, you will know how to deal with different types of loads. For instance, you will learn about loading, unloading, anchoring the load and much more. Furthermore, after the course you will be much more aware of your own driving behaviour.


The training course consists of a theoretical and a practical component. You will apply the theory you have learnt directly in practice, which gives the course an interactive nature.

There is a hands-on competency test at the end of the training course. Our experienced and skilled instructors will ensure that you are fully prepared for taking the competency test.


  • Vehicle inspection
  • Driving safely and economically
  • Legislation
  • Load capacity & driving licence
  • Mass, weight, weight distribution and centre of gravity
  • Securing loads
  • Lashing equipment
  • Frictional force   
  • Securing loads in practice
  • Remarks

After completing the training course, you will receive a certificate and proof of participation in credit-card format for use at the work site. These will be sent to by post after the training course.

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Practical information


Group training at any location of your choice with an approved training room or at one of the Boels training centres.


4 to 8 hours, depending on the group size and special requirements regarding the load(s) covered in the practical training

Maximum group size:

10 participants

Admission requirements:







Group training: from € 795

* stated price is applicable for a group training (4 hours) of 10 people.

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