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Short lease rental solution for Studio Baarn in matte black

A long-term, full-service shortlease cooperation in corporate style and colour

In order to offer a better and complete service to television producers, Studio Baarn, is hiring four machines over the coming five years to help build and break down film sets. The five-year short lease cooperation has allowed Boels to offer an extra service to Studio Baarn, which is spray painting the machines in matte black instead of the Boels orange. And that has put a smile on the faces at Studio Baarn.

A passenger lift, scissor lift, articulated telescopic boom lift and forklift truck. These are the four machines that Studio Baarn regularly uses for their set design. Studio Baarn is a facilitating organisation that has been around for over 40 years in the Netherlands. It is an important filming location for television producers. Erik Maartense, owner of Studio Baarn: “We use the machines from Boels to build all kinds of TV show sets in our studio. Now that they are actually in our studios, they are used every day. In the past, machines for set decoration were hired by the producer. It would sometimes happen that machines weren't available or not here in time, or they were hired in duplicate and then one stood idle on the set. This made us decide to hire the machines ourselves, so they are always available and ready to use. It's much more efficient and offers a better service to our customers.” 

Always the right machines on hand 
A big client of Studio Baarn is Talpa Entertainment Productions. The sets for Dutch TV productions like Wie van de 3, Onmogelijke videoduetten, 10 voor Taal and Marble Mania are built in Studio Baarn. Every show spends around seven to eight weeks in the studio, from building the set to the lighting, the actual filming and then breaking it down again. “Thanks to our collaboration with Boels, we now have the right machines available when we need them, which saves everyone time and money in terms of planning and transport. Now we only rent additional machines from Boels in busy periods, for example when we need to build more sets at the same time.” 

Full-service short lease rental solution 
The fact that Studio Baarn had already rented the same four machines regularly brought up the topic of a short lease rental solution. This led to an appointment to discuss a lease term of five years. Erik Maartense: “A big advantage of the short lease structure is that we don't just hire the machines from Boels, but that Boels also takes care of maintenance and repairs. This ensures we always have access to machines that work. And that assurance is essential for us to be able to do our work well.” 

Orange in the television studio?
When you walk around in Studio Baarn, you might expect to see at least four orange machines with the Boels logo on them. But nothing could be further from the truth.
Dennis Chirino, account manager at Boels: “The structure of the five-year short lease gives the customer the option to have the machines spray painted in a matte black colour. This means the Boels machines that Studio Baarn will be using for the coming five years are matte black." Erik: “A TV studio is dark everywhere, except where the TV show is recorded. To make the machines blend in as much as possible, we wanted them to be matte black. We are extremely happy that Boels was willing to do this for us. Thanks to the cooperation, we can offer even more comprehensive service to our clients. Ideally, we want the overall picture to be perfect and want to offer the producer the best and most complete service possible in our studios.” 

Ready for the future
The short-lease construction is the start of an intensive and long-term cooperation. Erik explains: “We're really happy about our cooperation with Boels. The delivery is quick. It also helps that Boels is just down the street from our studio. The contact is very good. The prices are always correct and they have an extensive product range. So whatever machines we might need if we expand in the future, we'll definitely be placing that request with Boels.” Dennis: “We're proud of this close and long-term cooperation. And it wouldn't feel right without cake! To celebrate the collaboration, we brought a cake along on the day the matte black machines were delivered.” Erik: “Now that's the extra service from Boels we appreciate so much!”

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